What Is Solid Modelling And How Can It Benefit Your Next CNC Project?

Solid Modeling
Solid modelling is the latest advance in computer-aided design (CAD), offering intricate details that support computer analysis and rapid prototyping using CNC machining.

Previously, designers used CAD software to create two-dimensional views of an object prior to manufacture. By creating a vision of the top, sides, and bottom of an object, they can obtain an understanding of how the completed three-dimensional product will look and assemble.

3D solid modelling creates a three-dimensional electronic version of the object, so that it has a volume, a surface, and holes or other features (even if these are hidden). The solid model can be rotated on-screen or opened up to reveal the internal design.

Using solid modelling software, the object is constructed with a series of wire frames which may be viewed two or three-dimensionally. By adding the surface, the object appears to be solid, giving designers and their clients a more accurate understanding of how the finished object will look.

The Advantages Of Solid Modelling

Solid modelling is one of the most valuable applications of CAD software for several reasons:

  • The designer can see what the finished product will look like. Having a clear understanding of the finished product is vital to identify and rectify problems before CNC machining. Consequently, the design and build process will be sped up, with less reliance on prototypes or setting up CNC prompts, only to have to change them later.
  • Multiple views allow the object to be seen from all angles. With 2D CAD, the designer can only view each side separately, whereas solid modelling allows him or her to spin the object around to gain a 360° view– almost as if she was handling a physical prototype.
  • It’s far easier to make changes to the design. Solid modelling allows designers and clients to ascertain if the model meets the desired specification and recommend changes before the component goes to production. This will reduce wasted time and the need to produce sample runs.

What Next?

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