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At Redline CNC, we offer a tailored CNC turning service to help create a wide range of precision components and parts for customers in a large variety of manufacturing sectors.

CNC turning is a technique of CNC machining in which tools remove raw material from a piece that’s being held and rotated at the same time, in order to produce the part or surface specified in the instructions.

Our CNC turning centres have turning and milling capabilities, in which case they can be used to produce highly intricate or complex designs to meet a variety of demanding project briefs.

Our CNC turning service is suitable for a variety of primarily cylindrical components for many industries.

Why Use CNC Turning Services from Redline CNC?

Redline have invested in the latest Mazak turning centres with driven tooling for milling operations allowing a turned /milled parts to be produced in one operation. There are several distinct advantages to using an outsourced, sub-contract precision engineering partner like Redline CNC, including:

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At Redline CNC we’re an established and BSI ISO-certified precision machining company with a team of CNC turning specialists ready to deliver precision components. If you’re a manufacturer based in Surrey or Sussex and are looking to optimise production, we invite you to consider our CNC turning service. Get in touch today for a free quote, or to discuss your project requirements.

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