At Redline CNC, we specialise in subcontract production CNC machining for a wide range of demanding precision engineering projects. Our range of 5-axis CNC machines are known for the quality, consistency and repeatability of their results – and can comfortably accommodate production runs of most sizes, as well as small volume and prototype runs.

Redline CNC – For All Your Production Machining Requirements

Production CNC machining involves producing components and parts in quantity, while maintaining the precision and quality standards that characterise this process – and with exact consistency between each part.

Subcontracting your high volume CNC machining requirements to an experienced precision engineering business like Redline CNC is perfectly suited to changing manufacturing needs, as it allows production to be scaled as and when needed, without undue delays.

Although the definition of production machining varies from provider to provider, you can usually consider production machining if your requirements involve batches of 100 – 1,000 parts and above.

Why Choose Redline CNC For Your Production CNC Machining Project?

1) Quantity Without Compromising Quality

Our production machining service seamlessly combines quality and quantity. Our service is well tuned to precision manufacturers who need a large number of parts to tight tolerances, with demanding compliance and quality requirements. Using a range of advanced CNC equipment and Cam software, we provide small-batch quality with production efficiency and throughput speed.

2) Excellent Results In Prototyping

Our CNC machines are commonly used to help customers deliver rapid prototyping runs for new products and components. CNC machining is an excellent cost-effective alternative to 3D printing in terms of time and quality for prototypes.

3) Fast Throughput

Our production machining service allows customers to produce larger amounts of customised precision components in a short amount of time, saving in-house costs and resources. Our automated CNC machine factory can work around the clock with minimal or no supervision, which supports production increases whether they’re planned or unexpected.

4) Reduced Waste

The software and the machines we use to deliver production CNC machining are created to eliminate guesswork in the production process, so that materials are used more efficiently, and your project costs are reduced.

5) Saves On Labour Costs

Contracting your production machining to a third party is all about maximising efficiency and helping you deploy your in-house resources in the most effective way. Working with Redline CNC allows you as a manufacturer to increase output and the flexibility of the projects undertaken without having to invest in new equipment and employ permanent staff in-house.

Another way this process can help save on labour costs is because outsourced CNC machining minimises the risk of human error during manufacturing, which can be very costly on high production runs conducted internally.

6) Customer Satisfaction

Our production CNC machining services can help you meet the demands of your clients reliably, without delays and with impressive quality standards. This can lead to better customer satisfaction and retention, which in turn can have a positive impact on your project ROI.

Find Out More

At Redline CNC, we can help you upgrade your manufacturing process with production CNC machining on a per project basis or as an ongoing partnership. Thanks to our state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC equipment, our plant has a production capacity and can support the machining needs of most industry sectors in Surrey and Sussex. Contact us today to find out more.