Introducing New Machinery To Redline CNC: The Twin Pallet Machining Centre

At Redline CNC, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our CNC machining equipment, to offer our customers a greater breadth of services and increase choice and competitiveness.
We’re delighted to announce the addition of a twin pallet machining centre to our machine portfolio. With two machine tables instead of the usual one, the new addition to our range is aimed at increasing production, so we can deliver even faster lead times for our customers.

What Is a Twin Pallet Machining Centre?

A twin pallet machining centre is ideal for precision engineers, such as Redline CNC, where volume-led production is a core service. Unlike conventional CNC machines, which have one machine table, the twin pallet machining centre features two, which enables us to achieve near-continuous production and limit the amount of time that the equipment is idle between jobs.

While components are machined on one table, the next job can be set up on the other pallet, reducing delays preparing other jobs. When the pallet on which parts are being machined has finished, it swaps automatically to the other table, maximising the amount of time that the CNC machine is in operation.

What Are The Advantages Of The Twin Pallet Machining Centre?

What advantages does a twin pallet machining centre offer compared to conventional CNC machines, and how could it benefit your business?

⦁ Built-in direct drive motor for higher revolutions per minute.
⦁ Quicker set-up times with less delays waiting for the machine table to become free.
⦁ Less downtime ensures machining jobs can be completed more quickly.
⦁ Automatic pallet changer facilitates higher efficiency and reliability levels.
⦁ Horizontally-orientated spindle allows the workpiece to be assembled on its side for greater flexibility.

By investing in our twin pallet machining centre, we can offer an enhanced level of service for your business built on higher productivity, higher production volume, and a less intensive labour process, guaranteeing superior machining outcomes every time.

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