The Advantages Of 5-Axis CNC Machining

 5-Axis CNC Machining
At Redline CNC, we use the latest CNC equipment to deliver outstanding results, offering a one-stop machining solution to meet the challenge of creating complex components. By combining cutting-edge technology with a skilled engineering team, we’re the first-choice for 5-axis CNC machining for your next project.

5-Axis Machining: Explained

To understand 5-axis machining, it’s necessary to consider CNC machining first. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a process in which pre-programmed computer software controls the movement of machine tools. Unlike manual processes, in which a machine operator must physically guide the cutting tools, CNC machining can autonomously complete a complex set of commands in one run. Complex three-dimensional shapes can be cut with only one set of instructions.

3-axis CNC machining involves the movement of tools along three linear axes: X, Y, and Z. 5-axis machines have two extra rotary axes, which offers important advantages to customers requiring more complex machined components.

5-Axis Machining: The Advantages

1. Improved Efficiency To Machine Complex Shapes

3-axis machines must be set-up repeatedly, increasing the likelihood of poor alignment or other errors. With only a single machine set-up required to input instructions, 5-axis machining delivers complicated designs without the need for continual intervention. Greater efficiency will save time and slash costs, without compromising on the quality of the end-product.

2. Faster Cutting Speeds Yields

With 5-axis machining, shorter cutting tools can be used as the head can be lowered to allow the cutter to be correctly oriented. This delivers faster cutting speeds without putting undue pressure on the cutter. Reduced vibration produces a superior surface finish, free from cavities and cores.

3. Creates Complex Parts

Without 5-axis CNC machining, casting is required to create complex parts which can take months to complete. This is particularly frustrating if you’re waiting for a prototype or a short run. In comparison, 5-axis machining can create complex components quickly, eliminating the need for casting and drastically shortening lead times.

4. Better Tool Life

By maintaining a constant chip load and optimal cutting position, 5-axis machining can improve cycles times and increase the life of the tool. With less need to replace tools over time, your business will benefit from welcome cost savings.

5. Collision Avoidance

5-axis CNC machines offer more agility, for example to tilt the cutting tool or the table. This prevents collisions with the tool holder and eliminates the many consequences associated with this problem.

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