How 5-Axis Machining Makes A Difference In Manufacturing

5-Axis Machining Makes A Difference In Manufacturing
5-axis machining is highly regarded for its ability to create complex shapes with a single set-up and offers considerable advantages over traditional 3-axis machining methods. For manufacturers, 5-axis machining can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve tool life, helping to shape a more productive and cost-efficient shop floor.

At Redline CNC, we specialise in advanced 5-axis CNC machining backed by our team of highly skilled professionals and our BSI ISO 9001 quality system. By working with us for your precision machining needs, you can be confident of outstanding outcomes every time which will drive improvements for your business.

So, how could a 5-axis machining service make a difference to your manufacturing?

Lower Overall Production Costs

Achieving high levels of productivity are the key to controlling costs, but the limitations of traditional 3-axis CNC machines mean that only one side of a part can be worked on at any one time, elongating the time taken to complete the machining task. Some parts also need multiple finishes or recalibration, which also increases production time and, consequently, costs.

5-axis machining will cut production costs by reducing the amount of time spent machining each part. The additional two axes give greater scope for work to be carried out simultaneously on all sides of a part.

Reduced Time To Produce Parts

5-axis CNC machining only requires one initial set-up, even to create complex three-dimensional pieces. By contrast, 3-axis machines often require multiple set-ups, each of which creates downtime and lengthens the time to produce a finished product. Little intervention is needed in 5-axis machining due to its high speed and automation. Multiple axes allow for the entire workpiece to be cut in one run, delivering quicker output and increased capacity.

Equally Suited To Complex Or Simple Machining

The rapid advances in CAD and CAM technology in recent years has resulted in faster, more accurate machining times. While 5-axis CNC machining does produce complicated components quickly, the technology is also suited to simple parts. A rapid single machine set-up, driven by cutting-edge CAD or CAM software, means both simple and complex parts can be quickly machined, with minimal intervention.

Increased Tool Life Saves Long-Term Costs

With 5-axis machining’s manoeuvrability, you can utilise shorter cutting tools with higher cutting speeds. As the head of the machine is closer to the surface of the cutter, less vibration is produced, which reduces the risk of pitting and delivers a superior surface finish. The lifespan of tools is also extended, so you won’t have to dig deep as often to replace them.

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