The Different 5-Axis Machine Configurations and How Each Can Help You

To support the demands of technologically advanced industries for sophisticated components, precision engineers have created more versatile and powerful machining methods, including 5-axis CNC machining. With the addition of two extra rotary axes, 5-axis machining opens extensive possibilities for highly precise machining – giving manufacturers greater capacity to produce more complex or intricate parts, without prolonging the project or significantly elevating the cost.

One of the most important advantages of 5-axis machining is the potential for two different configurations: trunnion (table-to-table) style and swivel-rotate style. What are these and how could they benefit your manufacturing process?

Trunnion-Style 5-Axis Machining

The trunnion-style 5-axis machine has two rotary axes, A and C, which rotate around the X-axis and Z-axis respectively. The cutting head is always stationary, while the rotary axes are contained within the trunnion table. This makes trunnion machining more suited for undercutting, as the table can be tilted further than with the swivel-rotate style.

Trunnion-style machining is particularly beneficial for:

  • Heavy metal removal, with greater torque at lower RPMs.
  • High work volumes.
  • Large volumes of a single product.
  • Machining of complex parts, as the table can be rotated through 110°, providing easier reach for cutting tools.

Swivel-Rotate 5-Axis Machining

With swivel-rotate machining, the B-axis rotates around the Y-axis, while the C-axis rotates around the Z-axis. Unlike trunnion machining, the table is always in the horizontal position when cutting takes place.

Because the weight of the workpiece can be more adequately supported on the horizontal table, this method is more suited to machining larger parts with shorter length tooling. As all rotations of the tool take place above the part, short tools can be used, reducing vibration and improving the quality of the surface finish.

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