What Makes A Good CNC Prototype Machining Service?

The right CNC Prototyping Partner will help you to achieve valuable efficiency savings and increased productivity; however, a poor choice could impact your lead times, profits, and business reputation.

What factors should you consider when choosing a CNC machining prototype service?

1)  The Type of CNC Prototyping Machine.

As a rule of thumb, newer CNC machines tend to offer a better quality of service. Although CNC equipment is not cheap, a reputable machining business will invest regularly to keep its machinery up-to-date and to provide customers with the highest quality service, and the most innovative approach to problem-solving.

2)  The Ability to Offer Design Support.

Design is a key element of the CNC prototyping process, as accurate design work will influence the quality and finish of machining. Your chosen CNC shop should be experts in design, so they can help you to overcome problems, optimise your plans for production, and make small adjustments once the first prototype has been produced.

3)  Experience With a Range of Materials.

CNC machining can be used with a variety of materials, including metals and some plastics, but not all machine shops can work with all types. It’s important that your chosen partner has experience in machining with the most suitable materials for your project, as this will help to achieve the outstanding finish that you require.

4)  Effective Quality Control.

Quality assurance processes underpin all successful manufacturing processes. Even in CNC machining, which is renowned for its high level of accuracy and repeatability, it’s essential to have an established protocol for checking the quality of machining, to find any flaws and ensure these are immediately eradicated. A supplier with an ISO 9001 certification will offer greater confidence that their quality assurance procedures will uncover any problems or deviations from the design.

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