Contract CNC Prototype Machining: What Should be Considered?

Contract Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining offers manufacturers a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to create both low-volume batches and long runs of precision components.

CNC prototyping uses the same technology to produce single parts for inspection and testing so that those final adjustments can be made before commencing production. Numerical data is inputted into CAD or CAM software to create the product design, which then guides machining tools to achieve highly precise results with little human intervention required.

Contracting your prototype CNC machining to an experienced partner, like Redline CNC, helps manufacturers to save money on in-house production and reduce waste, by highlighting any flaws in their initial designs and assessing their functionality.


In any manufacturing process, a fine balance should be achieved between speed and quality. With a CNC prototyping machine, it’s possible to obtain fast results without compromising on product quality.

With the designs inputted into CAD or CAM software, the computer operates the cutting tools exactly to specification with little intervention – far more quickly and accurately than would be possible with manual methods. And, as the details for the design are already stored, there is no need to repeatedly add more information, thereby saving time.


Prototypes need to be manufactured to the highest standard. As a blueprint for mass production, the prototype must be free of all defects or deviations, or else these may be transferred to the final product which, to correct, would result in significant resources and money.

CNC prototyping ensures that the parts produced are of the highest quality. Each part is manufactured to exact tolerances, with excellent repeatability, so that the tiniest of adjustments can be made if needed. By creating a high-quality prototype, you can also ensure that any issues with performance are overcome, so the finished article works exactly as required.


Cost is a crucial factor in any contract manufacturing process. High costs will, ultimately, result in higher prices for consumers, which can make your products unviable. Contract CNC machining for your prototype runs can suppress costs, both at the development stage and during production.

By working with Redline for your prototypes you avoid the initial investment in specialist CNC equipment, and disruption to your existing production schedules – two factors that frequently undermine the viability of undertaking prototype runs in-house. In the long-term, you will more than recoup the outsourcing costs and benefit from significant savings as a result of efficiency improvements, reduced waste, decreased working hours, and higher productivity across the project.

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