5-Axis Machining: Why Should You Consider This Type of CNC Machining?

If you need to fabricate complex components, it is likely that you will have three key priorities: pinpoint accuracy, exceptional quality, and cost-efficiency. With traditional methods of machining, it’s difficult to predict how you could achieve all these at the right price: often, there is a trade-off between the quality of the finish and the cost of the job. Investing in time often yields better results, whereas working quickly to machine a part may mean quality is compromised.

At Redline CNC, our sub-contract 5-axis CNC machining services enable us to produce the highest quality components quickly and accurately. By investing in the latest cutting-edge CNC technology and ongoing professional development for our expert team, we offer guaranteed results that will meet all your project’s priorities – all backed by our BSI ISO 9001-2015 quality system.

Why Consider 5-Axis Machining?

If you have complex parts to manufacture, need to machine various metals, or have a large workload, then 5-axis machining could be the most suitable option.

With 5-axis machining, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is used via specialist computer software to control cutting tools and orientate them along five axes. By continually moving the tools along each axis, the tip is always positioned perpendicular to the part. The extra versatility allows more complex components to be machined, with some important benefits:

Enhanced Productivity

With 3-axis CNC machining, equipment must be started and stopped constantly, interrupting workflow and extending machining times. More set-ups increase the chance of user error and poor alignment, which will produce inaccurate components.

In contrast, 5-axis machining is continuous, so superior results can be achieved more quickly and with less manual intervention. Only a single set-up is usually required, resulting in time and cost savings and less capacity for mistakes.

Improved Surface Finish

5-axis CNC machining centres use shorter cutting tools as there is more capacity to lower the head and orientate the cutter to the desired position. Consequently, high cutting speeds are possible but without excessive pressure on the cutter. Reduced tool vibration eliminates cavities on the surface of the part and delivers a better surface finish.

Optimal Efficiency

Overall, 5-axis CNC machines are generally more efficient, meaning machining will be completed more quickly without compromising on the quality of the final part. Single set-ups, longer tool life, combine to produce a more efficient and cost-effective machining service.

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