4 Industries That Can Benefit Hugely From 5-Axis Machining

5-axis machining is renowned for its ability to create geometrically complex shapes with a single set up, so intricate parts can be quickly manufactured for a cost-effective price. This can benefit a wide range of industries, with particular advantages for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy sectors.

At Redline CNC, our contract 5-axis machining service guarantees outstanding results, backed by our BS ISO 9001-2015 quality accreditation. If you need to manufacture complex parts that cannot be consistently made with other methods, or need confidence that your components will be durable and reliable, 5-axis machining could be the:

1) Aerospace

Complex parts are commonplace in the aerospace industry, particularly those with organic shapes and compound curves, such as turbine blades. These components are challenging to set up with 3-axis machining, whereas a 5-axis CNC machine overcomes the need to constantly re-fixture the part to achieve the desired geometry. 5-axis machining also helps to achieve optimum weight without compromising on strength, a combination that is difficult yet incredibly important to accomplish.

2) Automotive Engineering

Without CNC machining, today’s vehicles would look radically different and offer inferior reliability. 5-axis machining plays a crucial role in automotive production, from the sleek, curved body panels that make modern cars attractive, to intricate parts such as suspension components, housings, and bearing caps. 5-axis CNC machining also delivers exceptional repeatability, so that literally thousands of parts are identical, with no loss of quality.

3) Medical Manufacturing

In medical procedures, the quality of instruments, implants, and devices cannot be compromised. A poor standard of manufacture could mean the difference between life and death, so 5-axis machining is ideal as it allows for the creation of intricate shapes and excellent surface finish, giving your customers and their patients absolute confidence in the reliability and performance of medical instruments.

4) Energy Production

Throughout the energy industry there is a need for complex components, from power station parts to solar panels on residential properties. With a need for durability, as components will often be in 24/7 use, 5-axis CNC machining promises the high standards that are required, with precision and durability central to their functionality and effectiveness.

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Image source: Unsplash

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